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Pluslife is established in Guangzhou, China in 2017. With our R&D team that combines experienced and talented researching and developing personnel that more than 60% of them are certificated Ph.Ds or Masters, our team satisfies the needs of applying cutting-edge genetic technologies to develop an independent and innovative molecular POCT diagnostic system that provides complete and economic solutions to our users. In order to fulfill our missions of constantly improving accuracy and speed of detection and solution, Pluslife always values our R&D talents' determinations and passions on innovating fine biological and genetic technologies. Hence, we are now holding dozens of patents of technologies on multiple fields that will contribute to our further research and development.


Based on the self-developed isothermal molecular detection technology, Pluslife's Molecular POCT detection system can be used in comprehensive application scenarios such as human respiratory infections, STD infections, genotype detection, pet disease detection, and expanded molecular detection to clinics and individuals' family-care uses.

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